Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Morning sickness and everything else that goes with being pregnant

When my sister was in her first trimester back towards the beginning of the year, she had morning sickness bad. Take for instance when I had my first Remicade treatment in February and she went with me for moral support, the nurse got a kick out of Nikki flying out of the room to throw up on several different occasions. Another priceless morning sickness moment for Nikki was when Uncle Dan was admitted to the hospital, we had all stopped by after work and she along with her hubby and me decided we would head to the cafeteria to grab a bite to eat. I promise you, two bites into her hamburger she took off like a bat out of hell for the bathroom only to come back saying that she didn't make it. Now let me tell you, it's one thing to throw up in public, but its a whole nother ball game when you throw up in the hallway of a hospital surrounded by nurses. Their first thought is that you are seriously ill and need to be seen stat. Poor Nikki had to explain she was just pregnant and her dinner hadn't gone down well. The situation didn't become funny until we had finished our dinner and were headed back to the room when Nikki about lost it because the nurses were still in the hallway cleaning up her mess. She was mortified that we were going to have to walk past them. We pulled ourselves together and she walked by with her head held high, while Kevin and I tried desperately to contain our ever growing giggles. As her older sister I should have taken that little bit of information to my grave but as the elevator doors opened to a crowd of our family chilling in the waiting room I couldn't help but shout "Guess what Nikki just did?", to which I had I to tell everyone the wonderful story. If I only knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have giggled so much or been desperate to tell her horrid tale. Now Nikki is the one giggling and while I don't yet have a public humiliation story I think she takes satisfaction in knowing I am just as miserable as she was and my time may still be coming. Morning sickness, isn't it just grand?

Believe it or not...

but I have actually made dinner two nights in a row this week and boy does my kitchen look like it. The morning sickness is really aggravating me. My appetite is starting to come back but the constant nausea and dare I say it...vomiting seem to be getting worse. I have to eat several times a day it seems, just to keep my stomach from going crazy. I know part of this is the whole gall bladder issue but as of today I am officially nine weeks pregnant, that means in about three to four we can safely do the endoscopy and surgery if necessary. That is one surgery I am looking forward to, which is a big accomplishment coming from someone who despises medical procedures involving needles or scalpels or anything that will cause me pain. My labor and delivery ordeal here in seven months should be just fantastic for everyone (please note sarcasm in that comment).

Anyway, no new recipes for today since I have been making items out of the box/can, or recipes that have been previously posted such as my wonderfully easy taco salad and the even easier cheeseburger rice, but I promise I have a brand new one coming up. It's a spin of stuffed peppers but they are so much easier to make and my family loves them.

I would also like to share with everyone the brand new blog that I have started for this little one Daniel and I are expecting. I am using it as way to keep family, friends, and anyone else interested up to date with the happenings of the pregnancy and once he/she arrives on top of their big milestones in life. I hope everyone enjoys, I can't wait until I can start posting baby pictures.