Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary

I will be taking a leave of absence today while I celebrate my 2nd wedding anniversary with the love of my life. Two years ago when our journey into matrimony began I think we both had doubts about whether we had done the right thing...first year of marriage can be a tough one, add financial strains, sickness, a house that needed work our inspector failed to mention, and two very different people and you have yourself a rocky start.

Daniel is a go getter not sitting for one second while I am content sitting back and relaxing. It has been an adjustment for both of us, he learning to just sit around and be content with his surroundings, no matter how boring, while I have learned to get up and go conquer the world with him no matter how badly I would just prefer to sit around with our dogs.

Two years ago I promised that I would love him more today than yesterday, and that I would love him more tomorrow that what I did today. I have kept my promise, falling more in love with him with each passing day. He is my best friend and the man I can't see spending my life without. I am not sure what the future holds for us, good...more than likely some bad, but I know that as long as I have him, we will make it through everything.
Thank you Sweetie for loving me as I am! For dealing with my constant health battle to the best of your ability and learning to adjust to my constant anxiety issues. For not rolling your eyes too badly when I mention I screwed up another food dish by impatiently scanning through a recipe instead of carefully studying it. For slowly learning to just keep your mouth shut when I am driving like Mario Andretti. For standing in the middle of Wal-Mart holding my make-up and female items so that I can run to the bathroom, even though every man that walks by you just shakes their head in shame. For answering my five calls in a two hour time period when Lennon was sick with "garbage gut" causing me to not get a single thing done at work until I heard those magic words "he pooped". For helping me to deal with the fact children will come when God is ready for us to have them and knowing that we will be all right if they don't. For dealing with the large extended family that went from just being mine to now being ours. For understanding that that large extended family is my life and that they come before all things. And for allowing me to love yours like they were my own. Because of my husband I have nieces and nephews that are older than me, I thought that issue was just on my Dad's side of the family.

I love you and I can't wait for our dinner, as well as many more years together!!