Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chow mein clusters & Merry Christmas

Am I the only one who is in complete shock over the fact that Christmas is in two days?

Seriously where has the month of December gone to. I am really excited to get to celebrate Addison's first Christmas but at the same time I am not looking forward to afterwords. The month of January for me is going to be absolutely crazy. Not only do I have to prepare for the newest addition to our little family of three but I also have to plan somebody's first birthday party. My goal is to have the party planned, invitations ready to be sent out, and the menu planned all by the middle of January. Apparently we didn't think through the having two children almost exactly a year apart very well or I would have at least put a month or so between birthdays. I have planned Addison's party for the last weekend of February so worse case scenario is that we'll have a week old newborn along for the ride. Thank God my OB won't let me go over my due date because we don't want to discuss how upset I would be if I was stuck in the hospital during the big party.

Anyway, I have been busy creating goodies these past few days with a few more yet to go. I shared a few of them with you last year but a couple are brand spanking new for me this year. One of the recipes will be posted without a picture since my Mom and husband devoured it before a picture could be taken. Sweets DO NOT last long in this house!

First up is one that I stumbled upon last year. I saw it on and shortly after saving the recipe for future use Daniel mentioned that one of the ladies at work had made them and he loved them. I never got the chance to whip them up last year but I fixed that this year and I must admit...they are pretty darn good and were really easy to make.

Chow Mein Clusters~

10 oz. bag semi-sweet chocolate morsels
10 oz. bag butterscotch morsels
2 1/2 cups chow mein noodles
2 cups salted peanuts

1.) In a double boil over medium heat melt together chocolate and butterscotch morsels until smooth.
2.) Add peanuts and noodles to melted chocolate/butterscotch and mix, coating peanuts and noodles evenly.
3.) Drop by rounded tablespoon on lined baking sheet and transfer to fridge to harden.

*If you don't have parchment paper to line your baking sheet just lightly spray your baking sheet with the butter spray you use to keep cakes and such from sticking to baking dishes.

And what's a post about sweets without a picture of this sweet? This time last year I was counting down the weeks until she would be making her appearance and now here I am having to strap her in her high chair just so I can bake without tripping over her. While she isn't exactly elbow deep in cookie dough this year, she's taking more of a supervisor approach to Mom's baking, I have loved having her makes me feel more of a Mommy at Christmas with a little one under foot.