Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stuffed Red Peppers

My family loves stuffed peppers, we have those that only eat the stuffing and we have those that eat the whole darn thing. Thankfully Daniel and myself are in the group that eats the whole pepper, stuffing and all. Most people that I know use the green peppers however whenever I make my stuffed pepper rings with an assortment of colors everyone always says the ones made using the red peppers are the best so last night I thought I would do it with the red peppers. I sort of winged these so I hope you enjoy them...I know we did.

Stuff Red Peppers~

1 lb. ground beef, browned and drained
2 cups white rice, cooked as instructed on box
2 15oz. cans of tomato sauce
2 tsp. garlic powder
1 tbsp. parsley flakes
2 tsp. onion powder
1/2 cup shredded cheese
5 md. red peppers


1.) In a medium skillet brown ground beef until cooked. In a separate pan boil water to cook rice, cook until done.

2) Mix ground beef with white rice, dry ingredients, cheese, and about 1/4 cup of the tomato sauce.

3.) In an 8x8 baking dish spread some of your tomato sauce on the bottom. Cut tops off of each pepper and scrape out the insides. Stuff peppers with mixture. Place each pepper in the baking dish and top with remaining tomato sauce. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours or until peppers have softened.
Sorry about the horrible picture, this picture was from today's lunch and the tomato sauce splattered in the microwave...guess what I get to clean when I get Also please note, I keep my peppers whole when baking them however today I cut it in half in order to speed up the warming process since I only have an hour for lunch and am also responsible for feeding the boys at that time.

Two Days

People, we have two days left until we know whether Jack or Addison will be coming to the family. It will be nice to actually call the baby by it's name and not feel guilty for saying Addison for the past five months when in fact it is Jack in there or just saying baby like Daniel has been doing. The goal is to wait to tell everyone on Saturday night so that everyone finds out at once but something tells me that since my husband was on the phone with everyone and their brother five seconds after the pregnancy test came back positive, that keeping either of us shut up for over 24 hours is going to be very hard to do. Plus Nikki still hasn't popped Dylan out yet and something tells me it is going to happen this weekend whether he likes it or not. The poor girl had been dilated to two for the past several weeks and then found out in the early part of this week that she had gone from two to ZERO...what??? Aren't you supposed to go forward and not go back? I guess it's possible but right now it's a very touchy subject with her and she informed me this morning that during her appointment tomorrow she is going in there to plead her case for induction and if pleading doesn't work she's dropping to the floor and starting the water works. Thankfully my baby will be here right on time, no later, no sooner...isn't that right little one?

Little one...isn't that right??

Come on now, work with Mommy, you will be here on February 10th correct???

Shit...I got no response. The good news is I am willing to give this kid until the 14th since I think it would be cool to have a valentines day baby, but that is between me and you, don't tell the kid though!!! Thankfully being due in the second week of February means that more than likely, unless I go early, that I am for sure having a February baby. Unlike my poor sister who thought she was having a September baby but has now decided he would rather be an October baby.

On another note, I think it's time for us to renew our membership to Sam's Club. Did you know that a Twix bar a day out of the vending machine at work at seventy cents a pop calculates to roughly $140 during this pregnancy? I wonder how much money I could save if I bought them in bulk?

I also didn't realize how much diapers cost. I mean really, is it necessary to charge someone almost $20 a box for something that is going to be shit in and then tossed? We will literally be throwing money in the trash with these things. I have received one package so far as a birthday gift from my Grandparents, and I guess I should really start buying a package with each pay check but man it tears me up to spend that kind of money. Guess that is something I should have thought about before I let my husband knock me So far to date we have received or bought the following items for the baby; crib, rocking horse, excasaucer, 1 package of diapers, two tubs of baby wipes, two pacifiers, several outfits, one toy/rattle, two baby books, and three bottles. I think we better start shopping don't you? Look out Babies R Us, Mommy is going to be on the prowl on Friday!!!