Friday, January 7, 2011


Since I have been a bad Mommy when it comes to posting updates on Cadence during this pregnancy I thought since I had a wonderful appointment this morning that I would make a short post. I will be 34 weeks on Monday and as of today she is measuring at 33.5 weeks so we are right on schedule. Her heartbeat was 152 and she's an active little bugger. I am looking forward to having my tummy back to myself so that she'll stay off of my bladder as I have actually thought about putting a bucket in the playroom just so I won't have to trek to the bathroom every five minutes. It's hard having to go poddy all of the time when you have an active toddler who you have to chase down in order to go.

Anyway, the Doctor was impressed with not only my weight...he actually said it was phenomenal which I had to laugh at because believe me, it is not a phenomenal number. He's impressed because I am actually losing weight and I guess when you have a ton to lose, losing some during pregnancy is fine by them. My blood pressure was excellent and my urine was much information I know! Today's appointment also meant getting my shot in the butt/hip since I have a negative blood type. I have to have a shot before delivery and after delivery with each pregnancy to ensure a healthy baby/pregnancy. I would be lying if I said it didn't sting just a tad today, in fact I jumped when the nurse jabbed it in.

I have another appointment in two weeks and then we start the once every single week appointment game. I can't believe we are almost to the finish line with this little girl. You should have seen me trying to get both myself and Addison out the door in a timely fashion this morning and then have to make an awful amount of bathroom visits while we were waiting for the Doctor with her in tow. I seriously don't think I am going to be able to leave the house much after this baby arrives because dragging along a newborn and an active one year old all by myself is just asking for trouble.