Monday, March 2, 2009

I'mmmm Backkkkkkk!!

Yes...I am back, for now anyway. After yet another miserable weekend and what almost became a very eventful trip to Wal-Mart I broke down and against my Doctor's wishes went back on my steroids. They don't make me feel 100% but they allow me to feel half way human again so I didn't give a rats tushy what my Doctor felt. He is getting on my last nerve anyway, doesn't seem concerned with the fact I am getting worse by the minute and boy let me tell you, he did not like when I commented that I didn't feel he was doing enough to try to get this horrible disease under control. Oh well, he can't get upset with a patient who has been seeing him for almost a year trying to get this under control. He is a Doctor, Doctors are supposed to fix you when you are ill, and when they don't I think you are entitled to get a little on the crabby side.

Anyway, since I was feeling almost human today and feeling a little on the guilty side after my poor husband commented last week I hadn't made him dinner in almost two weeks, I felt compelled to put forth some sort of effort tonight. I use the term "effort" very loosely with this recipe because it is literally three ingredients with a few seasonings thrown in a pot and set to simmer. I learned it from my Grandma, of course she put a little bit more effort into hers. It's down home comfort and just what I needed tonight. This meal was actually the meal I served my family the day that my Grandma died. Serve it along with mashed potatoes and green beans and you have yourself one heck of a meal.

Beef N Noodles

2- 32 oz. beef broth
1- 28 oz can of Keystone Heat & Serve Beef
1- 8 oz. package wide egg noodles
1 cup water
2 tsp. dried onions
1 tsp. black pepper

1.) In a large pot bring to a boil beef broth and beef.
2.) Add dried onion and black pepper.
3.) Add egg noodles and add one cup of water.
4.) Turn heat to medium heat and allow to simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.