Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I thought I would stop in real quick to give the latest baby update.

Today is February 10th in case you weren't aware and it was supposed to be someones due date however...she is not cooperating and refuses to leave her warm accommodations and join us physically here in snowy Ohio.

My next appointment is Friday and we will see if I have made any progress, which recently I have not, so that I we will at least be able to schedule some sort of induction. I did tell her awhile ago that I wouldn't mind if she held off until the 14th so maybe that is the hold up. She wants to be a Valentines day baby just as much as me and the rest of the family want her to be. Can you imagine a sweet little girl born on such a day? Let me tell you now, if she does come on Sunday her first birthday party is going to be nothing but pink and red with hearts all over.

Hopefully my next post will be announcing her arrival!

Take care everybody...I hope to be back with some new recipes shortly. I have not been cooking much as of lately and I am anxious to get back into the game.