Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just as stubborn as the last one!

Well, here we are and I am still pregnant. I really thought this pregnancy would be different since my body was progressing unlike with Addison's birth. I guess this just means I have another stubborn little girl on my hands. After a quick trip to the hospital last weekend for false labor I thought for sure that we would have had her by this weekend but nope. My Doctors have taken pity on my miserable self and the fact that I really don't want the girls to share the same birth date so we are headed in Sunday night for an induction. If all goes as planned I will have my little Valentines Day baby, how sweet!

On another baby, the one that started this all last year, is going to be a year old this coming Thursday. I would really like to know where this past year has gone because I just can't swallow the fact that it's been an entire year that Addison has been in our life. I was telling Daniel just last night as he was wrestling on the floor with her that this time last year we didn't have her to play with and she was the one we were patiently awaiting.

With a new baby and the first of two birthday parties this week I think we're going to be a little bit busy don't you?