Friday, May 22, 2009

Simply Amazing...

It's simply amazing how needing to go to the grocery puts a damper on blogging. After all, how can you blog about food when you have none at home? I hate going to the grocery by myself. Mainly because of the "what if I have to go to the bathroom while checking out" thing that races through my mind. It's just lovely what having Crohn's disease can do to a person's mind set. That is why 9 out of 10 times, Daniel must be present with me. Of course going during the week is out of the question because my Hubby works second shift and I of course work first and that leaves going to the grocery together simply impossible.

I finally broke down and went by myself last night like a big girl, only to grab some basics to get me through the next few days and plus to get Daniel some food for his kayaking trip. Can someone say tuna packs and banana Everything has to be packaged small and obviously can't require cooling or heating so he is going to be living off of tuna, beef jerky, and a few other things for the next three days. This while I sit back and enjoy the Memorial Day festivities...hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, pasta salad, cake, "cold" beverages. You have fun with your kayaking self sweetie, the boys and I will see you on Monday, HAHAHA! We'll do our best to save you a hot dog.

Anyway, while I am not posting any recipes with this particular entry, I wanted to warn everyone to buckle up because there are going to be quite a few posts over the course of the Memorial Day weekend. Starting with the homemade granola bars and trail mix cookies I am whipping up tonight for Daniel to take with him this weekend. My goal is to make him the cool kid with the yummy snacks that I kindly pack enough of so he can share with his pals. Nobody can accuse me of not loving my Husband by golly.

Be smart and safe this holiday weekend...I want to see posts from everyone on Tuesday!