Monday, June 28, 2010

Hi, it's me Katie...

Yes folks I have been in another one of my cooking funks. There have been some major things going on at our house and while I am still cooking, it's all stuff you have seen on here before. I have tried a new dish or two but I have been extremely disappointed by them all and refuse to put them on the blog. When I say disappoint I mean throw away the leftovers before Daniel has to suffer as well kind of disappointment, they were that bad.

Anyway, you might be wondering what major events I could be talking about so here I go. First of all, deep breath, I am pregnant. Yes, Katie is knocked up again and would you believe this baby is due around the same time next year as Addison was born this year. Addison will be a year old on February 17th 2011 and this new baby is scheduled to arrive February 20th 2011. Now before you start wondering, yes this baby was planned, very much so in fact. Are we crazy for having two babies so close together? Maybe, but you know what? We are excited and can't wait to meet this little guy or gal.

The second major event is that I lost my job last week. I was laid off from the company that I have been with since I graduated from high school and I have until August 20th until I am completely done. I think I am more upset with the fact I have to trudge into that place for another two months while leaving my precious little girl at home than I am at actually being let go. It was time and we knew it was coming. I no longer enjoyed going into work and doing the same stuff day in and day out and when I had Addison and actually had a reason to want to stay at home those feelings got even worse. I hate my job and I am glad to be saying goodbye.

The third major event stems from the previous two. We're moving! The idea of having to box up our house makes me sick to my tummy. Moving was something that we have talked about at great lengths about for the past several months. We are tired of being house poor and never being able to take vacations or have a savings account and money to spend on clothes and misc. items. It was one of those decisions though that we couldn't make on our own. You know the kind where you know the answer to the question but you just aren't ready to say it out loud yet because you aren't positive that it's the right answer. Well we found out we were pregnant so we decided to hold off until the baby was born but now that my income is going to be slashed in half come November when my severance runs out, we knew it was finally time. We both had said that the answer would be made for us when it was time and sure enough we got our answer. In a perfect world we would like to be out of our house at the end of July so that we can get it on the market. There is just no way we can have open houses and showings with four dogs and a baby...I REFUSE! But then I start thinking off all of the packing and moving and I wouldn't be surprised if the end of July comes and goes and we still aren't fully out of the house. Thankfully for us my Mom is allowing us to come home, babies and dogs in tow. I will be the first to tell you I am not looking forward to moving back home with my Mother. What adult who has been out on their own since they were nineteen actually wants to move back home? Not me I will tell you that much, but financially this is our best option. Gone will be our enormous mortgage payment and the hundreds of dollars we spend each month on utilities. Instead we will be helping her financially all the while actually saving money and putting it aside for when it's time to buy another house. Not only does this mean we won't be scraping the bottom of the barrel to make ends meet but that I will get to be a stay at home Mom for awhile. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to be able to spend my days raising our two children. Or the fact I won't be sitting at a desk job nine months pregnant and miserable. The plans I have for Addison and myself...ah I can't wait! The fact Daniel will get to start driving his truck again...well my Mom's truck, bush hogging the fields with the John Deere tractor, fishing and canoeing whenever he wants, and having ten plus acres to do whatever he wants with such as plant the big garden next year that he has already started planning, makes this move a little easier for him. Oh yeah, Mom, Daniel is planning on planting a garden next spring, thought you might want to know about that. He would also like to help mow and bush hog...I will let you two hash that out as the city girl will be inside in the nice 72 degree house. I have put in my days of sweating twenty pounds off mucking stalls while being eaten alive by flies and then freezing my tail feathers off in the winter making sure the hoses are drained so they won't be frozen when it's time to water the horses again. Nope, this city slicker will be inside taking care of the babies and cooking dinner.

My posts will more than likely be very sporadic over the next month or so but rest assured I will be back...I always come I promise that once August 20th comes and goes I will start sharing a bit more with everyone since I will have more time to dedicate to being in the kitchen. I think my Mom is more excited about not having to cook anymore than she is about anything else. I flourished in the kitchen after I left home so she hasn't really gotten to reap the benefits of my cooking. Growing up the thought of being in the kitchen never crossed my mind. Seriously I have two brothers who even at the age of 22 still do not like ground anything, cheese of any kind, onions, and are adamant that they must have ketchup to use on just about everything. They put ketchup on turkey folks so who can blame me for not wanting to go there while growing

Anyway wish us luck, we're going to need it over the course of the next few months!