Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yes I am quite aware that Christmas is less than a week away and yes I am aware that I still have a million things to do, the problem is I can't quite seem to get myself into the mood. For me Christmas just doesn't seem like Christmas this year. It could be the lack of funds to purchase gifts or go all out on the cooking and baking or the lack of a Christmas tree in my living room because the hubby and I made the executive decision to save our money this year, but not even the Christmas carols or the decorations are enough to spark my interest. I was starting to wonder if this was just something I was dealing with, but sadly I feel that it is affecting everyone. I have received only one Christmas card and my Husband, who has Christmas listed as his second favorite holiday of the year, has only just now begun putting up the outside decorations. I will warn everyone now, we will be that house that still has their lights up in February only for the simple fact that he has gone to so much work to get them up that only using them for a week is out of the question. I am hoping that after this saturday things will pick up in with my Christmas spirit. My Dad's side of the family, who currently get's together every Saturday night for a family dinner, is getting together for a day of Christmas baking and quality time. Daniel and I will be making cake balls, buckeyes, and maybe, just maybe if this little elf can get herself even more motivated...a christmas cookie of sorts. Which kind I don't know...we'll see if I am feeling merry or not!! Pictures and recipes will be following so stay tuned!

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Melissa said...

Maybe baking cookies will get you more in the mood. Turn on the Christmas music while you do it.