Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Three Months Old & Counting...

Yesterday Addison turned three months old. I can't believe how much my little baby has changed in just these past three months. It's weird because when I think three months it seems like it was just yesterday but when I look at her, I swear she has been with us for forever. In fact I have trouble remembering what it was like before Addison came home with us. I sat at our computer desk last night thinking to myself that just three months ago it was just me and the dogs at home and now we have this little baby who was talking away in her swing watching television. It's amazing how things change once a child enters into the picture. What is even more amazing is how much better things are with a child.

We had her two month well visit this past Friday, which was a month late, and she weighed in at 12 1/2 lbs and was 23 1/2 in long. The kid is average! We have twiddled our thumbs for a month now concerning her two months shot which is why we are just now doing them. We went back and forth between should she have them, should she only have some of them, as first time parents we are new to this and really want to educate ourselves before we start allowing all of these vaccinations so we took our time. Friday was not a good day for us. Not because I was absolutely dreading her getting these shots because I just couldn't bear the thought of my little baby being poked three times, but because she was sick. Since Daniel thought he would have to go into work Friday and we knew this appointment was scheduled I went ahead and took a vacation day from work. That way I could spend the entire day with my little princess plus do some running around with my sister Nikki and her son Dylan. We started our little adventure back at my work so that my step-mom could show off the grand kids. Back in the day there was a whole slew of my relation working there, now it's just down to me and my step-mom. In the mortgage industry it's amazing that we are still standing.

Anyway, to make a long story short, crap hit the fan about five minutes after we arrived. I have never in the three months this child has been alive, seen her cry and carry on like she did. It was almost embarrassing because all of these women could hear her screaming and one by one they started making their way into the bathroom to see what was wrong with the child and offer their advice on how to make her stop. None of the advice worked by the way, she just stopped on her own after about 20 minutes, or what seemed like 3 hours.

Now we quickly hightailed it out of there before meltdown number 2 occurred and she ended up doing just fine the rest of the day. We hit up Sam's Club, Babies R Us where we FINALLY found a one piece bathing suit in her size, and Logan's Roadhouse for some lunch. Her appointment was at 3:30 and we made it there with no time to spare. She was fine while we sat and waited to be called back even played around with Aunt Nikki a little bit. They call us back...I proceed to strip her down to her undiewears and it happens...meltdown #2 of the day. Over the course of the next HOUR they determine that she has a temperature, needs to switch over to soy formula, and oh by the way...possibly has strep throat. Say what?? Monday through Friday she does not leave the house and she really only goes to see family on the weekends...how in the lords name does she have strep throat?? The test came back negative but her throat was very red and very raw so they sent the swab out for further testing. We still haven't heard anything so they must not have found anything.

They gave her some Tylenol, a generic brand so please calm down if you immediately thought recall, and proceeded to send us home...for a very, very long and miserable weekend. She was upset all Friday night but woke up just fine Saturday morning. We ran a few errands and came home and by 5 or so the meltdowns began again. This time it lasted until about 10 Saturday night. Nobody slept, the husband and I got into a major fight Saturday evening, and she proceeded to get constipated from the formula change which did not help things. I think we're finally back to normal even though we have no clue what just happened to all of us...lol.

Now that I got the bad stuff out of the way on to some baby stats!

~ Addison you are wearing three to six month clothing but would prefer to just wear your diaper. Your Father started this little habit and it's pretty common to get home form work to find you in your swing in only your diaper and your Dad in the recliner in his underwear. Like Father like daughter I guess! :)

~ You are still in size one diapers though Aunt Nikki suggested stepping up to size two since she said you had a butt cheek hanging out of your diaper at the doctors on Friday. It was because we couldn't get it back on your properly since you were not happy but I am going to try one tonight and see how we do.

~ You sleep through the night, well almost through the night. Our typical bedtime is 10 and you usually wake up around 5 or so for a bottle. More often than not you go right back to sleep. As hard as I try to fight the urge you usually sleep nestled in my arms. It's not because you have to because you can truly sleep wherever we put you, it's because I find such comfort in holding you in my arms so that I can smell the lavender scent of your baby shampoo. I know I need to break myself of this habit but it's soooo hard!

~ You like getting a bath. You don't love it, you don't hate it. As long as we have the water warm enough and don't splash any water up on your face you are just fine. When Daddy puts you in your baby tub you kick your legs around like you're trying to swim and he gets the biggest kick out of it. I usually use your bath sponge and you just lay there like you have nothing better to do giving me the occasional smile. You love getting your hair washed and have since your first shampoo shortly after your birth. I love it to so I completely understand!

~ We have slowly started you on solid foods and I think we are going to start giving them to you more frequently since the bottle just doesn't seem to cut it anymore. Right now you are getting between 4 and 5 ounces of formula every two hours or so. If we feed you any more than that you throw it up and you are usually not a happy camper when we take the empty bottle away. I have gotten into the habit of telling you that the bottle is "all gone...it's all in your belly" just so you don't think I am just taking it away from you with milk still left. I think you are going to be just like your Daddy. He was stick thin growing up so I think you are going to have a fast metabolism, hence why we are going to start you on more solids. By the way, you do not care for carrots.

~ You love watching television. I think all of the colors and movements fascinate you. Daddy has been turning cartoons on for you...or maybe it's for him, I am not really sure at this point in the game...lol. We discovered a few weekends ago that you enjoy sitting in your Bumbo chair watching Nascar. Your papaw is going to be so proud!

~ You are fascinated by the dogs. Especially Bandit and Toby. Bandit likes coming over and just staring at you like it's a throw down and you just stare right back. I can only imagine what you two are really thinking.

Bandit- "I'm not sure who you think you are kid but you and this swing need to get outta here. Before you showed up I was Mom's little man with the sad brown eyes that could melt her heart...now all I hear is blue eyes this and blues eyes that. And another thing...this game you play each night, yeah you know the one, the one where you just so happen to start crying for a bottle right when Mom is getting ready to feed me and the other boys is for the birds. Knock it off or you'll lose another bottle when Mom and Dad aren't looking! Yeah that's right...it was me and not Lennon...he was just my fallback, stupid kid doesn't know what hit him."

Addison- "What is that hairy thing that keeps coming over and standing at the foot of my swing like he's got something he needs to say to me?? And the breath, man do something about that breath, you're going to stunt my growth with that stuff. And while we're laying everything out, quit scaring the crap out of me every evening when you oh so conveniently wake up and shake your head back and forth. Your jewels on that man necklace you wear rattle together and make me wet myself and it makes my Mommy pissy!"

~ You are talking so much right now...of course we need someone to try to translate but it's adorable none the less.

~ You love getting your diaper changed. I think you know how rank your diapers can be and you take great pride in making your parents suffer through diaper changes. You laugh and coo and just carry on, all while Mom and Dad are trying not to throw up. Yesterdays diaper change after the bout of constipation required Mom having to help you get rid of a little something. What a mother will do for her child! Dad had his nose plugged, a wash cloth over my nose, and we're both tearing up because of the smell and you just laid there smiling away at our expense. And Addison, you know it's a bad diaper when Mr. Leaky Winky Licker himself, a.k.a. Lennon has to leave the room.

~ You are most comfortable laying on your side and with your face plastered into something. I lay you along my pillows when I get up in the morning only to come back to find you turned on your side grabbing onto the nearest pillow with your head buried deep within it. Now you turn on your side in your swing and grab hold of the lambs ear which is the pillow. You fall asleep in this awkward sideways position holding on to his ear for dear life with your face smashed into the pillow. You crack me up child!

I'm sure I missed a few things but I will come back and add them if need be. The one thing I do know is that you are so incredibly special. Your Daddy says I am being selfish because I don't let anyone take you from me whether for a few hours or overnight. I don't really care what everyone thinks. I waited two very long years to hold you in my arms and I miss so much of your life during the week because I work as it is. I treasure every moment I get with you on the weekends and right now while we experience so many firsts as a new little family, there is no need for you to be away from us right now. I truly cannot get enough of you and I find myself just taking you in my arms and laying you gently in my bed so that we can just lay there staring at each other and having our girl talk. I keep telling your Daddy that now is the time to be selfish with you because in just a few shorts months you will be more independent and won't need us to just sit and cuddle with you. You will be on your way crawling back and forth and round and round and will have not interest with being contained in our arms.

I love you little girl, more than I ever knew possible.


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