Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So many new things to talk about!

I really thought that after I was done working I would have so much more time to blog. Man was I that I have a child who is all over the place I have less time, that and I am being lazy and enjoying these few weeks because come February there will be no down time for me.

Addison has started a few new things these past few weeks and along the way we have taught her a trick or two. I have said it a million times and I promise I will say it another million times but seriously, I am in awe of this child. She is AMAZING! Her gummy grin and big blue eyes melt my heart every single day. I am fulfilled with this child yet I can't wait until our new little addition arrives.

A few weeks ago Addison started crawling and she hasn't stopped since. This child is all over the place and getting into everything...mainly the things she shouldn't be getting into such as pulling the night light out of the outlet, getting under the end tables, playing with Grandma's newspaper, chewing on dirty shoes, the list could go on and on and now that she's discovered where we keep the pots and pans and the canned goods I imagine the list will go on very quickly.

Now that I am home with her full time I am spending more time with her just playing and teaching her new things. We are practicing where our nose, ears, eyes, and mouth are. I gently touch hers and then I point to mine. I sing to her all of the time and she sings right along with's so cute. This past weekend I taught her how to blow her nose. For the past week we had all been fighting a cold so she watched us all blow our noses time and time again. Just playing around one morning I blew mine and then got a tissue and told her to blow hers. Imagine my surprise when she actually blew into it as if she was trying to blow her nose. Let's just say I laughed so hard I peed my pants which isn't hard to do anymore since having had her and now being over four months pregnant with the new baby it's become an everyday occurrence. Now wherever we go we have to show everyone how she blows her nose. No one believes us that she actually blows into the tissue until they see and hear it themselves. All of her grandparents think it's hilarious and my Mom has to show everyone.We are learning very quickly that she is a fast learner and she loves to mimic everything that we do. If you hand her a cup she knows to take it straight to her mouth...she has been doing this for months and why we started her on a sippy cup about two months ago. My Mom has worked hard to teach her how to give a high five, and put her arms above her head when we say "big girl". Of course whenever she does these things we just laugh and applaud her so now she thinks she's hot stuff. When she first started crawling we would clap and praise her and let me tell daughter is a ham and loves the praise.

Shortly after she started crawling full time she started sitting up all by herself, something that I have been anxious for her to do for awhile now. Her sitting up makes bath time so much easier on me. In the past week or so she has started pulling herself up into a kneeling/standing position on us and on things low to the ground such as her toys. She is slowly becoming brave enough to attempt the couch and chairs but she hasn't mastered them quite yet. I watch her everyday and can't believe just how big she is getting and how quickly she is becoming a big girl. Before long she is going to be walking across the stage getting her high school diploma.

Another milestone for her which has benefited me greatly is she is more anxious to eat her solids. Before I would struggle to get them in her because she was so involved with everything else around her. She is finally this week paying more attention to me and opening her mouth wide enough that more good gets in her belly than on her belly. We attempted fingers food about a week ago but she's not quite ready. I am hoping that in the next few weeks she will finally be ready. Just this afternoon when Daniel was eating a caramel apple she went straight for it and grabbed it out of his hands. The kid is strong and she was not about to let go of it. Daddy was kind enough to let her gnaw on it for a little while. I wish her teeth would start to come in...she is gnawing on everything right now. She loves to drink her juice. We get her apple juice, a yogurt drink that is mixed with apple juice, and just the other day we started her on carrot/apple juice which she loves. My kid loves carrots and butternut squash and she is getting to the point that if we grab a jar of food and a spoon she takes off for her chair...she knows what she's in store for. I told Daniel just this morning that we have another foodie on our hands.

In another week my little girl will be seven months old. I never imagined how quickly this first year would go for us. I am already planning her first birthday and I can't wait to start buying everything for it. I figured I would start stocking up now and getting everything ready since come January/February I more than likely won't be thrilled with having to start from the ground up. I still don't know how we are going to handle the party since the new baby could come whenever he or she wants. I pray everyday that this baby doesn't come on Addison's first birthday. I feel bad enough as it is that their birthdays will be so close together that they will never get their own individual parties. I just hope that they will at least get separate days so that we can celebrate them on separate occasions since my goal is to give each child their own birthday dinner just the four of us, or five depending on whether or not we have a third child. Mommy is not cooking two different dinners on one

And not to be side tracked from the first birthday party but in the next few months we will be celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I have always loved the holidays, the weather, the decorations, the family togetherness, the food, but now that I am a mother the holidays have taken on a whole new meaning for me. Just the other day I broke down crying much to Daniel's surprise. I am looking forward to this years holidays like you wouldn't believe just for the simple fact we will have Addison to share them with. Christmas this year is going to be crazy and next year it will be even better as we will have two little rug rats to share it with. I realize everyday just how blessed I am and I couldn't be more thankful.

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Cassie said...

I was wondering how you've been lately, and it sounds like you've been GREAT! It must be such a joy to stay at home all day with that little sweetie. She's getting so big! I just can't believe how fast they're growing up!