Thursday, January 1, 2009

Spinach and Chicken Pasta Toss Update

Silly me forgot that today is New Years day and unfortunately for everyone that has been waiting patiently for tonight's recipe, because I am sure there are so many of you, you will have to wait until Sunday. See, part of our Christmas gift to my in-laws was a night out on the town on New Years day, we're talking dinner and a movie here, and it may be their present but I am just as excited as I hope they are. Not realizing that I wouldn't be home for tonight's dinner until yesterday I questioned whether I should just make the dish for lunch and post it anyway, but I slept in today until 11 and had to do a quick pick up of the house, needless to say there just wasn't time. It also doesn't help that I am still working on that recipe. After last nights disaster I need this one to be awesome so I think a few extra days will do me some good. Since you can't look at yummy food pictures please accept my sincere apologies and instead look at my three boys playing with one of their new Christmas toys.


Melissa said... are so lucky to have dogs. I've always wanted one but am alergic.

Katie said...

We love them dearly but it's not always fun and games, as you can see by the couch which is covered by sheets and towels. I feel like my house is never clean because of them dragging in mud.