Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dare Devil in the making!

Apparently my little Addison Grace enjoys climbing on things. What kills me is she has already taken a few tumbles and instead of learning from them she climbs right back up and usually tumbles again. It's hard to catch a thirteen month old from falling when your holding her six week old little sister. Thankfully we have not had to deal with any injuries so far...knock on wood, because the only injuries she seems to be receiving here lately are caused by her parents. Mommy accidentally tripping her, Mommy pushing her down, Daddy pulling her out of the hall closet by the straps on her jumper, her tripping over everything and anything, and not to be left out, the english bull dog of my Mom's who thinks he's a linebacker and she just happens to always seem to be in his path to the back door for his potty breaks. My poor child...please don't call children's services on us...I promise these are just accidents! The cooler has since been put up...still not sure why it was in the playroom other than the fact we're still emptying our house and moving into my Mom's. Things are everywhere right now.
Don't ask...the microwave is there temporarily until we move it to the garage. And yes the spoon wedged between the handles of the cabinet is to keep a certain little girl out. And yes I am aware they sells products to do just that.

Does she not look cute in her little jumper? And check out her $45 pair of Nike Shocks...I about died at how much a good pair of shoes cost for toddlers.

That would be Oliver the bulldog in his cage. He spends a lot of time in that cage for the safety of our entire family...the adults included. That dog has enough energy for about twelve others and I think we've all tripped over him a time or two.

And because it's funny even though it shouldn't be because now I have to break her of this little habit...Addison's new favorite word is shit. Where did she learn it you ask? Her Father that's where. And does he have a potty mouth? Oh no...he was just trying to teach her on purpose because he thought it would be funny. Well she finally learned and she's used it twice now. Both times being after she's fallen down. I guess if she's going to use it she's at least using it at the appropriate moments. Once again, please don't call children's services on

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