Monday, October 18, 2010


These next few months for us are going to be very busy and I can't wait. One of the cool things about being a first time Mom is that not only is Addison going to be experiencing a bunch of firsts, but I will be experiencing them for the first time as a Mom. Our first trip to the pumpkin patch, our first time carving pumpkins, our first Halloween, our first Thanksgiving, meeting Santa for the very first time, and most important of all our very first Christmas together. I don't think the holidays are truly enjoyed until you get to experience them through the eyes of your children. I actually had a mini breakdown just the other week thinking about how much fun the holidays are going to be now that we have children. Both Daniel and myself are so excited for Christmas this year that we can hardly stand it. Mommy and Daddy are anxiously awaiting Christmas shopping, present wrapping, and present unwrapping this year...Addison has no idea what she has coming her way. And to think next year is going to be double the fun of this year!

I have finally replaced my cable so I should be able to start downloading pictures to the computer straight from my camera now. No more heading to Wal-Mart to download them to disc thank the lord!! Anyway, this means that we have many, many pictures of the above mentioned events coming your way. We're making our way to the pumpkin patch sometime this week so the pictures will start In the meantime here are a few pictures from the past few weeks.


Taking a spin on her new ride.

Hanging out in Grandma's bed.

Her very first wagon ride on the farm.

So cute...

Who needs expensive toys when you can just take a ride in your huggies diaper box?

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Cassie said...

She is such a little sweetie!!! I can't wait to see more photos, and I agree with you that the holidays (and everything) are so much more fun with little ones around!